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For more than 10 years, we have uniquely designed and successfully tested lures for 10 species of fish across the world and helped fishermen find success!

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What fish are you trying to catch?

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Fishing Success Stories

  • "Being a sight fishing guide, these pay the bills. Plus the customer service is top notch. Heath and friends really care about your experience."
    Clay Sheward
  • "Great action, red fish love them, and very durable."
    Troy Garza
  • "High quality products! Fish don’t turn them down and the durability its outstanding! Love them!"
    Dusty Hayes

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The Best Fishing Lures

Buggs Fishing Lures are inspired by the most successful fly patterns in the world, transferring the best fly fishing ideas to lure fishermen. These are hand-tied lures, using the same materials and techniques used to create the best fly patterns. They are tied on specially designed, weighted jig heads, and are made to be fished with baitcast and spinning equipment.

Buggs Fishing Lures are made to imitate what game fish eat, including bait fish, crustaceans, and any other forage found in your local waters. The materials and tying techniques can be applied to create lures to catch just about any fish that swims.