Saltwater Fishing Lodges

Nothing beats the anticipation of a fishing trip. My buddies and I have been taking trips every spring for years, and we joke that it reminds us of the feeling right before Christmas when we were kids. It’s extra special when you travel to a different part of your state, country, or out of the country for your trip. Fishing new waters for fish you’ve only read about or seen in magazines brings a new level of excitement. This page is dedicated to the Saltwater Fishing Lodges we’ve visited and recommend.

We’ll give you our best advice on making the most of your trip, and let you know what to expect. No place is perfect, and you’ll hear the good, the great, and the not so great about all of these places.

When To Go

But first I’d like to start with some general advice when planning your trip to these Saltwater Fishing Lodges. Moon phases and tides play a role in the fishing just about anywhere you go. Fishing is usually better during certain phases and not as good during others. Always talk to the lodge about the most favorable times and then plan your trip during these times. Fishing also varies with the seasons.

It’s important to ask about typical conditions, techniques, and target species during the time you plan on visiting.

For How Long

No matter when you go, weather will be a consideration. This leads me to some advice about the duration of your trip. For most of us, getting time away from work and family is tough. I never get a high five when I’m leaving for a fishing trip. But I know there’s a reason they call it fishing, and I know that the weather and the fish may not cooperate on any single day. My advice, book two days of fishing at a minimum. I don’t care where you go, planning weeks or months in advance for one day of fishing is a total crap shoot. You never know what’s going to happen with the fishing or the weather.

For this reason, four or five days of fishing is best. If you don’t want to fish that many days in a row, book a five day trip and take a day off in the middle to go sight seeing or to relax. Fishing multiple days greatly increases your chances of success. The way I look at it, you’ll be going to a lot of trouble and spending some serious money to go, so you want to make the most of it.

What to Bring

Most of the Saltwater Fishing Lodges listed below are a little off the beaten path. That’s the idea, right? Most of us go to get away and experience something new. That means a tackle shop probably isn’t around the corner in case you forgot something. All of the places will give you advice on what to bring, and I suggest you take it to heart.

And now the fishing lure guy is about to give you advice on what and how many fishing lures to bring. Some may call it self serving, because for each of these lodges I’ll tell you know what Buggs work best and encourage you to bring them. But I just call it good advice. Here’s the thing. You’re spending time and money to go, might as well be prepared. You never know what will work from one day to the next. And you might get the opportunity to chase some different species of fish.


Earlier I mentioned the anticipation that comes with a fishing trip. You may have a buddy that went and absolutely killed the fish, caught his personal best, and now has it mounted on his wall. And you may read on some of these websites about the awesome fishing and see pictures of huge fish. My advice? Take these with a grain of salt and be cautiously optimistic about your trip. Plan on catching one or two fish a day, and be pleasantly surprised if it turns out better. It’s always best to have reasonable expectations and be pleasantly surprised than to have overly inflated expectations and be disappointed.

We have to remember. There’s a reason it’s called fishing.

Next thing about expectations at these Saltwater Fishing Lodges. Communicate up front and while you’re there about your goals, ideas, and preferences. At a lot of these places you’ll have options regarding the fish that you target and the type of fishing you’ll do. If you have a strong ideas about either of these, get them out in the open early. The Lodge Manager will pair you with the guide that matches best. Don’t get along with your guide? Let them know and they’ll do their best to make it better. The bottom line is that these Saltwater Fishing Lodges want you to have a great experience, tell all your friends, and come back. So help them help you!

Recommended Saltwater Fishing Lodges

We hope you’ll consider these Saltwater Fishing Lodges when you’re planning your next trip.

  • Bay Flats Lodge
  • Dogwood Lodge
  • Baffin Bay Rod & Gun
  • El Pescador Lodge