Bonefish Jig Heads

From the very beginning I knew we would make bonefish jig heads. After all, the idea behind our first products came from the old school wiggle jigs. They were the standard for a long time, with a little tuft of bucktail or calf tail on the back end. These simple but effective jigs have caught bonefish all over the world.

There was lots of room for improvement, however, and you’ll find these improvements in our heads. We started by upgrading the hook and downsizing it slightly. I simply can’t stand dull hooks, so we found the sharpest hook we could, the Eagle Claw 413 saltwater jig hook. We use a Size 1 for the 3/16th oz. and a Size 2 for the 1/16th oz. The gap is the same as all the standard jigs, but the overall length is downsized.

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For the standard size bonefish jig head, the 3/16th oz., you’ll see we used a hidden lead technique to make it land softly and keep the profile small. You won’t find this anywhere else, and it typifies our commitment to creating the most unique and effective jig heads on the market! And when you get up in this size range, you also get a lot of crossover to saltwater species further North. They make fine redfish, speckled trout, snook, and flounder jig heads!

The next sizes in our Buggs Jig Heads are 1/4 oz. and 3/8 oz. These heads are more versatile in a wide range of conditions, from sight casting to blind casting. They perform well in skinny water, when it’s windy, and when longer casts are required. You won’t find more effective heads anywhere else, a prime example of our commitment to creating the finest jig heads on the market!

I know lots of kayakers and guys who fish from poling skiffs who get close enough to fish to target them with 1/16th oz. jigs. Bottom line: What you have here are the most unique and effective bonefish jig heads ever made! But don’t just take our word for it, head to the online store and pick some up today! You can also find tying instructions for the Buggs Bonefish Collection so you can tie them just like we do!