Buggs Bonefish Jig Heads


  • Perfect Jig Head for Bonefish
  • Always Lands Hook Point Up
  • 4 Sizes and 11 Colors Available
  • Strong and Sharp Hook, Made in the USA
  • 4 per pack
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We tie all of our Bonefish Buggs and our Permital Buggs on this head.  The design means it always lands hook point up and will sit on the bottom without tipping over.  There are now four sizes available for maximum versatility! The 1/16 and 1/8 oz. size come with a Size 2 hook, the 3/16 oz. comes with a Size 1 hook, and the NEW for 2020 1/4 oz. comes with a Size 1/0 hook.  Want to hear something cool?  The hook is plenty strong for redfish, speckled trout, flounder, snook, small tarpon, and just about anything else you tangle with on the flats!  Available Colors: Blue Crab (olive over white), Night’s Watch (black), Texas Tea (brown over yel. chartreuse), New Penny (copper over white), Hot Pink, PBT (pale pink), Green Ghost (pearl with iridescent green overlay), Turtle (light olive over white), Hot Orange, Yellow Chartreuse, and the best-selling Natural (tan over white).  Are we missing one?  Let us know!

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