Easy Shrimp Eyes


  • Absolute Best/Easiest Eyes for Shrimp and Crawfish patterns
  • Just Tie in a Single Post
  • Same we use on Hot Head Bugg, Permital Bugg, and Click-Bait Shrimp
  • 10 per pack
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I was blown away when I saw this product from a couple of fly tyers from Denmark! I had struggles with the eyes I had been using.  I had to tie in separate posts of flimsy mono and then had trouble getting them to line up on my shrimp and crab jigs and flies. I knew Easy Shrimp Eyes would make it easier, and I just had to test the durability. It’s been smooth sailing ever since! I can’t say enough about how happy I am with these eyes. Saves me time, looks great, and holds up really well. Lots of color choices too! 1″ overall length. Post can be trimmed.