Freshwater Lures

Freshwater Fishing Lures find themselves in rivers, lakes, and streams across the globe, imitating a huge variety of forage to catch all kinds of of game fish. We’re going to break this category into four parts, beginning with warm water environments. We’ll be talking about how Buggs Fishing Lures can help you fool the most challenging species, and we’ll be starting with bass. Read on to learn how we applied time tested techniques and materials to create these unique fishing lures that catch fish!

Bass Fishing Lures

Buggs Fishing Lures are ideally suited for Bass Fishing. These lures were developed to fool big bass lurking in heavy cover, in rivers, and in deep and shallow water. We’ve built these Buggs on premium jig heads designed to avoid snags and get them into the corner of the fish’s mouth. The original Buggs jig head was designed for both subtle presentations in clear water and when you need to get their attention! And speaking of attention, you’ll appreciate the strength of the premium black nickel hook we used when you’re wrestling a big fish. We tie the Buggs Curl-Tail jig on this head, and this lure has proven deadly on all types of bass.

For years we’ve been asked by bass fishermen to incorporate a heavier weed guard into our innovative jig head design. Well, we listened and we’re proud to introduce the Buggs Original Bass Jigs! We think you’re going to love them, and we can’t wait to show you. Follow the link below to check them out!

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We think you’ll agree that these Buggs excel in the freshwater environments, and we hope you’ll experience it first hand. Stay tuned for more Freshwater Fishing Lures and to learn how they’re being used.