Buggs For Small Mouth Bass

Bass Fishing Lures from Buggs Fishing all utilize our own custom jigs heads, designed in conjunction with a professional bass fisherman. These heads were designed to excel in lakes, rivers, and ponds for Largemouth, Smallmouth, and Striped Bass.

Ratic Shad

First tied jig that darts back and forth on the retrieve, Realistic shad/menhaden imitation, All species of Bass and Saltwater game fish eat it

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Curl Tails

Our best selling redfish lure. Also our most versatile, it mimics a wide variety of prey. Can target all species of bass.

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Trout Thumper

The Trout Thumper Swim Bugg is the first Bugg designed with speckled trout in mind. Effective with all Species of bass also.

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How to Fish Bass

Buggs Fishing Lures are ideally suited for Bass Fishing. These lures were developed to fool big bass lurking in heavy cover, in rivers, and in deep and shallow water. We’ve built these Buggs on premium jig heads designed to avoid snags and get them into the corner of the fish’s mouth.

Care For Your Lures

Just how durable are Buggs? In his latest installment, Captain Thomas Barlow shares a really good fishing story, another reason Fall is his favorite fishing season, and mixes in some care instructions for your Buggs.

Seasonal Fishing

Planning a fishing trip for a specific time of year and want some advice? Well I have you covered, select a time of the year and I will get you going.

Time of The Year


Need Something Specific?

Here at Buggs Fishing we have the ability to create Custom Fishing Lures to your exact specifications. We think of the jig head as a canvas, and can expertly tie custom Buggs for your own special purposes. Imagine having your own “Secret Weapons”.