2 1/4″ Double Curl Tail Grubs


  • New 2 1/4″ Double Tail Grub
  • Replacement Tails for New Curl-Tail Redfish Jigs
  • 7 per pack
  • Made in the USA
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We were super excited to find this Double Tail Grub to add to the new Curl-Tail Redfish Jig. They look great when you swim the jigs and when the jig is sitting on the bottom. Why buy these tails when the Curl-Tail Redfish Jigs already come rigged? The tails almost always wear out before the jig, so you’ll extend the life of your Buggs! Redfish and Flounder love them, of course, but so do bass! Lots of ways to fish a 2 1/4″ Double Tail Grub, and I can’t think of anything that wouldn’t eat it.  Combos come with a 7-pack of each color.