Buggs AR-20 Streamer Shank


  • Stainless Steel Articulated Shanks
  • Fits 1/16 oz. & 1/8 oz. Buggs Belly Weights
  • Perfect for Tying Trout Streamers
  • 10 per pack, Made in the USA
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We designed these shanks in our quest to catch a 20 inch Rainbow or Brown Trout on the Arkansas River near Salida, Colorado.  Thus the name AR-20.  There are lots of 12″-16″ fish in the river, and we needed a shank that would accommodate a Buggs Belly Weight and a small hook in the back.  That’s the reason for the light wire on these shanks.  Perfect for tying articulated streamers as well when a small hook is needed.  Then you get to decide whether to tie a jig to fish with a light action spinning rod or a fly.  We designed the length to work with both 1/16 oz. and 1/8 oz. Buggs Belly Weights.  The overall length is 1.75″, and the flat portion between the wrapped eye and the shepherd’s hook in back is 1.25″.   Stainless steel to resist corrosion.  Pssst!  Tie up some small baitfish imitations for micro Tarpon!  One size, 10 per pack.