Buggs Shanks


  • Stainless Steel Articulated Shanks
  • Made to Fit Buggs Belly Weights
  • Used on Tarpon Buggs and Cuda Buggs
  • 10 per pack, Made in the USA
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These are the perfect compliment to the Buggs Belly Weights for Tying Articulated Buggs!  They’re stainless steel shanks with a closed loop in front and a vertical shepherd’s crook connection in the back.  This means that your Buggs Belly Weights will sit in the middle of the shank and you can tie materials around them.  The wire on these shanks is really strong and that means that a 2/0 hook is about the smallest you can use and get through the eye with enough room to spare for movement.  That also means you can tie some big, mean Buggs with them and not be afraid to get straightened out!  These are the same ones we use on the Tarpon Buggs and Cuda Buggs.  There are four sizes available, and the size indicated the amount of flat, usable tying space on the shanks between the eye and the loop at the back.