Custom Gatorwalk Topwaters


Limited Edition, Custom Topwaters

Perfect for Speckled Trout

Rigged with #2 Treble Hooks

Cricket Custom Lures Paint

Buggs Magic Treble Trailer Hook

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Custom Topwater Collab with Cricket Custom Lures.  Featuring a familiar profile and action, with the upgrades to make them more durable and more effective.  The paint jobs by Dustin of Cricket Custom Lures are not only visually stunning, they’re super durable.  The Gatorwalk Topwaters have a single rattle and come rigged with standard wire VMC Saltwater Trebles, including a dressed Buggs Magic Treble on the back.  These hooks are perfect for hooking and catching Speckled Trout, and won’t tear up their mouths when you have your drag set properly.  They’ll work for all inshore saltwater species as well, including Redfish and Snook.  Just don’t go horsing an upper slot fish on 40 pound braid.  These hooks are VMC Size 2 with a wide gap, needle sharp points, and saltwater finish.