Saltwater Fishing Lures for
Strong, Aggressive Fish

Saltwater Fishing Lures have to fool strong, aggressive fish in a harsh, unforgiving environment. They have to be tough enough for the task, but they also have to entice the fish to strike. This isn’t always easy. Some of these game fish inhabit shallow water, often only inches deep. Targeting these fish is often more like hunting. Stealth is required along with a near perfect presentation to fool these fish. Not only must the lure land softly, but it must “match the hatch” and imitate what the fish are eating. This is a challenge unto itself. There is a tremendous variety of forage in the marshes, flats, back lakes, bays, surf, and and oceans across the globe. Each of these areas present their own challenges and potential rewards.

Buggs Fishing Lures are uniquely qualified in this area. The ideas and patterns we borrow from the fly fishing world are based on this same “match the hatch” mentality. And when necessary, they’re also geared to those sight casting situations that are so demanding and yet so rewarding. We’ve risen to these challenges and invite you to further explore the saltwater fishing lures we’ve developed.

Gulf Coast Series

The standard tail for the 1/8 and 1/4 oz. versions is a 3″. You might find that your curl tail gets hung up in the bunny on the retrieve. This will hinder the action of the tail, but is easily fixed. Simply unscrew the grub one rotation, bringing it back and giving the tail more room.

These three jigs are all tied on the Original Buggs jig head, a soft landing design made to ride hook point up. It falls more slowly than the typical saltwater jig head so it’s easier to swim it in shallow water and keep it out of the grass. When resting on the bottom, the rabbit strips they’re tied with make them absolutely come alive!

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Bonefish Jigs

We introduced these jigs in 2013 after numerous requests from customers, and they’ve become the go-to jigs for customers traveling to tropical destinations for bonefish. Here you’ll find saltwater fishing lures developed for spin fishermen, based on the most successful bonefish flies of all time. The size, weight, and profile of these jigs is perfect to fool bonefish all over the world! Not only that, but these jigs have fooled permit, barracuda, many varieties of snapper, redfish, speckled trout, flounder, and sand trout!

We designed a custom jig head for the Bonefish Collection and you’ll see it on all four of the patterns above. Starting on the left is the Loco Bugg, a impressionistic shrimp pattern based on the Crazy Charlie. Next you’ll find our most popular jig, the realistic mantis/spawning shrimp pattern with an accent near the eyes, the Hot Head Bugg. The Slider Bugg is next, a baitfish imitation based on Borski’s Bonefish Slider. And on the far right, our collection wouldn’t be complete without a little crab pattern. Say hello to the Bitty Bugg, based on the famous Beonfish Bitters.

Stay tuned for more Saltwater Fishing Lures and to learn how they’re being used.

Head to the Bonefish Jigs page to learn more.