Buggs For Bonefish

Catching Permit is one of the hardest fish you can catch. Requiring lightning like reflexes and skill. Good thing there are these Buggs to make sure when you cast, they strike.

Hot Head Bugg

#1 Bonefish Jig, Spawning/Mantis Shrimp Imitation, Always lands hook point up, Weed Guard, Looks alive on the bottom. Can also be used for permit.

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Bitty Bugg

Small Crab Imitation for Bonefish, Always lands hook point up, Weed Guard, Looks alive sitting on the bottom, Also great for Redfish, Sheepshead, Drum on the flats

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Loco Bugg

Shrimp Imitation for Bonefish, Inspired by the Crazy Charlie fly, Always lands hook point up, Weed Guard, Great for redfish when they’re chasing small shrimp

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Slider Bugg

Baitfish Imitation for Big Bonefish, Always lands hook point up, Weed Guard, Looks alive sitting on the bottom, Very popular for redfish

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Flats Bugg

They’re the most effective and versatile bonefish and light tackle jig in the Buggs arsenal. Targets all saltwater fish.

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Permit Bugg

#1 Permit Jig, Super Realistic Crab Imitation, Always lands hook point up, Double Weed Guard, Great for anything else that eats small crabs 

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How to Fish Bonefish

As bonefish get bigger, so do their meals.  The Slider Bugg imitates the small, bottom dwelling baitfish that big bonefish eat.  These baitfish have a mottled appearance, and the Slider Bugg imitates them effectively.  There is a flashy wing above the tail that adds to the appeal.  It is tied on the Buggs Bonefish Jig Head and will always land hook point up.  Ideally suited for sight casting to bonefish, and has also proven very effective on redfish, speckled trout, flounder, and snook on the flats.  Complete recipes, tying instructions, and tying video is available.

Care For Your Lures

Just how durable are Buggs? In his latest installment, Captain Thomas Barlow shares a really good fishing story, another reason Fall is his favorite fishing season, and mixes in some care instructions for your Buggs.

Seasonal Fishing

Planning a fishing trip for a specific time of year and want some advice? Well I have you covered, select a time of the year and I will get you going.

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Need Something Specific?

Here at Buggs Fishing we have the ability to create Custom Fishing Lures to your exact specifications. We think of the jig head as a canvas, and can expertly tie custom Buggs for your own special purposes. Imagine having your own “Secret Weapons”.

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