Bonefish + Permit Destination Kit


  • Perfect Kit for your 3-6 day Bonefish/Permit Trip
  • Includes 24 Bonefish Jigs + 8 Permit Jigs
  • Your Choice of Weights
  • Kit will be Customized for your Specific Destination
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If you’re headed out on a Bonefish and Permit Trip and want to be prepared, here is your kit.  Works great for the standard 3-6 day trip.  We’ve outfitted fishermen for all of the best destinations and some that are really out of the way.  We have guides and lodge contacts and will customize your kit to your destination.  A total of 24 Bonefish Buggs and 8 Permit Buggs are included. We’ll send you a combination of Hot Head Buggs, Permital Buggs, Bitty Buggs, Loco Buggs, Flats Buggs with Replacement Tails, Puff Buggs, and Click-Bait Shrimp. Please choose the jig head weights you’d like best. Ultra Light or Light Action Rods work best with 1/16 oz. and 1/8 oz. Buggs, Light or Medium-Light Action Rods work best with 1/8 oz., 3/16 oz., and 1/4 oz. Buggs. We definitely recommend bringing two different weights for the varying conditions. Examples of the various types of Bonefish Buggs are shown in the gallery. Specific colors will vary based on destination and availability.

Buggs Included