Buggs Screw Locks


  • Custom Buggs Component to Secure Soft Plastics on Tied Jigs
  • Tie it on your Hook Shank
  • Securely Holds Soft Plastics
  • 25 per pack, Made in the USA
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As I got started with Buggs, I needed a way to tie a screw-lock onto a hook shank to secure a soft plastic. I was tying Curl-Tail Jigs, and nobody made a component like this. I found a company in Oklahoma to make this little component for me and the rest is history! They work like a charm! Made to tie in wherever you’d like to secure a soft plastic. We use it on Curl-Tail Jigs, Flats Buggs, Hydra Buggs, Trout Thumper Swim Buggs, and Cuda Buggs.