Rattles and Bands


Great Way to Add Sound to Your Jigs and Flies

Easy to Tie In

Super Durable Silicone Band, Clear Rattles

Two Different Order Options

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When developing the Hydra Buggs, I wanted to add sound to the jig. I knew rattles would make it a more effective bait in dirty water. I found the perfect components and have been using them ever since! The bands are made from silicone so they are saltwater safe, won’t crack, and they fit the rattles perfectly! The rattles are clear and are 3/4″ in length. There are two options here. If you’re adding double rattles to a jig, you’ll pick the 15 bands / 30 rattles combo. If you only want to add a single rattle, pick the 25 bands / 25 rattles combo. When adding a single rattle, use your tying scissors to cut off one of the ears. Super simple, super effective!