Diamond Fish Eyes


  • Super Simple Eyes for Baitfish Patterns
  • Diamond Faceted Clear Hard Plastic
  • Same we use on Tarpon Bugg
  • Won’t Weight Down Flies or Jigs
  • Almost Bulletproof
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Another very useful and effective product from my Danish friends, Easy Shrimp Eyes. The Diamond in the name refers to the unique, faceted feature of the eyes. Light dances through them and really makes them stand out. The size range is tremendous as well, giving tyers lots of options from 1.5″ long baitfish to the biggest Pike and Musky patterns. Durability is a major plus with these eyes as well. They are one piece, and the pupils come in the form of a sticker. Hitting them with some epoxy or UV resin will make them absolutely bulletproof. Another option is to keep a Sharpie handy and just color them in when the sticker wears out. 4mm, 5mm, and 7mm packages come with 16 pairs of eyes and pupil stickers. 12mm package comes with 12 pairs of eyes and pupil stickers. Sample Packs of 4mm, 5mm, 7mm, and 12mm packages come with 20 pairs of eyes (4 of each color) and pupil stickers.