Buggs Shepherd’s Hook Shank


  • Stainless Steel Shank to Attach Tail/Spinner
  • Made to Fit Buggs Shanks or Barrel Swivel
  • Used on Future Hydra Buggs
  • 10 per pack, Made in the USA
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We designed these so we could attach an articulated tail or a spinner to the back of our Hydra Buggs.  They’re made with stainless steel wire to match our Buggs Shanks.  Buggs Shepherd’s Hook Shanks are 4″ long.  Measure them tight to the head and cut down to size.  Then slide your tied shank or barrel swivel into the open hook, tie it closed with thread, and apply Hard as Hull Head Cement.  Then you tie the Shepherd’s Hook to the shank of the jig head.  One size, 10 per pack.  Made in the USA.