Lead Eyes and Bead Chain


Super Realistic Painted Lead Eyes

Lots of Color Choices, Used on Lots of Buggs

Bead Chain for Kill Spots on Ratic Shad Buggs and Flies

10 per pack on Eyes, 1′ Length of Bead Chain

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When you need a realistic eye for a fly and jig and don’t mind adding a little weight, here is your huckleberry! We love what our friends at Hareline Dubbin did with these eyes. The Double Pupil gives it a cool dose of realism, and the color choices are really nice. We use these on Ratic Shad Buggs, Trout Thumper Swim Buggs, and Cuda Buggs. And we’re developing several other Buggs and Flies with these eyes as well. Each package comes with 10 pairs of eyes. X-Small 3.2mm 1/60 oz., Small 4mm 1/40 oz., Medium 4.8mm 1/30 oz., Large 5.5mm 1/20 oz., X-Large 6.3mm 1/16 oz. Bead Chain comes in 1 foot length, is 4.5mm, Stainless Steel with Black Epoxy Paint. Saltwater safe and used as Kill Spots on Ratic Shad Buggs.