2nd Generation Tarpon Bugg Kit


  • Big Selection of the New Tarpon Buggs
  • Includes 8 Jigs
  • Choose Coastal or Clearwater
  • Three Sizes Available
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Choose two sets of the New Tarpon Buggs! Pick the Coastal Combo for stained water, and the Clearwater Combo for clear. Then pick your sizes. You get two sets. 1/8 oz. only will get you two of each of your color choice in 1/8 oz. 1/8 oz. and 1/4 oz. will get you one set of each. The new and improved version of our Tarpon Bugg is a livlier, stronger, and more fishable version of the original. It’s livlier because it features more rabbit and lateral scale along the sides. That means you’ll get tons of action whether at a slow or fast retrieve. The additional rabbit also makes it a more realistic baitfish profile. The 2nd Generation Tarpon Bugg features a stronger hook as well. We upgraded to the premier Tarpon Hook, the Gamakatsu SC17. We don’t know of a stronger, sharper hook, and believe these will give you the best chance of hooking and landing these magnificent game fish. Lastly, this version is more fishable. By that we mean heavier and easier to cast. The lightest in the lineup is the 1/8 oz. and 3.5″ long with a Size 1/0 hook. This is perfect for smaller Tarpon, and is best fished on a Medium Action Rod. We went up from there to 1/4 oz. and then 3/8 oz. Both of these sizes are 4.5″ long and feature a 3/0 hook. They’re good for whatever size Tarpon you’ll find, and are best fished on a Medium Heavy or Heavy Action Rod. Just like the originals, these are articulated. The hook swings independent of the Buggs Shank at the front. This gives the lure more action and will help you fight the fish. Complete recipes, tying instructions, and tying video is available..

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