Waist Deep Wade Fishing Flats Kit


Built from Experience by Mark WaistDeep

Effective on Redfish and All Inshore Saltwater Species

Includes 6 Buggs plus Replacement Tails

Limited Quantities Available

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This wade fishing kit was designed for wade fishing the flats in all types of conditions: water clarity, tidal flow, hard bottom, soft bottom, eel grass, turtle grass, oyster bars, sand bars, drop offs, guts, troughs, and mangrove shorelines.
The variety of lures in this kit will never leave you empty handed on the flats. There is a lure included in my kit for every situation and for all inshore species: Redfish. Snook, Seatrout, Tarpon, Jack Crevalle, Black Drum, Cobia, and Flounder.
There are different weights, colors, and profiles that you the angler will be able to switch to as you see fit for the environment you are fishing in and species you are fishing for.
I hand-picked each lure in this kit because these Buggs Fishing Lures have the best cast to catch ratio.
Every lure in this kit can be used in a variety of different ways to mimic any bait that swims or crawls on the flats and I assure you they will get your lines tight and your rods bent.
After 23 years of wade fishing the grass flats of Southwest Florida I took my knowledge of what inshore fish feed on, their habitat, and their seasonal patterns and built the ultimate wade fishing kit so you the angler will have an advantage over everyone else on the flats.
The WaistDeep Wade Fishing Flats Kit includes:
1/8 oz. Beastie Bugg- Blue Crab
1/4 oz. Beastie Bugg- Backcountry
1/8 oz.  2nd Generation Redfish Curl -Tail Jig- Black Gold + Extra tail pack
1/4 oz. 2nd Generation Redfish Curl – Tail Jig- Texas Tea  + Extra tail pack
1/8 oz. Click-Bait Shrimp- Natural
1/4 oz. Flats Bugg- New Penny + Tail Pack
All of these tails are interchangeable so you the angler can switch to different colors to match the environment, water clarity, wind, dark bottom, light bottom, grass, baitfish, and crab. – Mark WaistDeep