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Redfish lures are our specialty here at Buggs Fishing. We love chasing redfish in shallow water and our redfish lures have proven deadly over the years. I often hear, “Heath, I tried everything else in my tackle box and they wouldn’t eat anything I threw at them. Then I tied on a Bugg and they crushed it!” It’s music to my ears, and I’ve heard it often. We’re going to talk a little bit about design, and then spend most of our time going through the different redfish lures we offer and how best to use them.

How to Fish Redfish

There are times when redfish aren’t that picky, when finding them and getting the lure in front of them is the lion’s share of the work. But then there are times when they’re keyed in on a certain bait or just plain sluggish. That’s when you have to be able to imitate what they’re eating: large or small, bait fish, shrimp, or crab. Or you might have to entice them to eat, period!

Need Something Specific?

Here at Buggs Fishing we have the ability to create Custom Fishing Lures to your exact specifications. We think of the jig head as a canvas, and can expertly tie custom Buggs for your own special purposes. Imagine having your own “Secret Weapons”.