Buggs For Barracuda

These Cuda Buggs have drawn interest (and strikes) from all over the fishing world.

Cuda Bugg

Long, skinny baitfish imitation perfect for Barracuda.  Swims evenly.  Great for trolling.  Rabbit + 4″ grub = lots of movement.

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Hydra Bugg

Saltwater Swim Jig for Redfish/Trout/Flounder/Snook, Big Baitfish Profile, Double Rattles help draw strikes, Sinks Fast

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Tarpon Bugg

Designed Specifically for Tarpon up to 50 lbs.  Profile and Action Tarpon love.  Super Sharp Gamakatsu hook.  Evenly weighted to sink slowly. 

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How to Fish Barracuda

To tackle the Mighty Barracuda we had to design a long, skinny baitfish imitation that would look alive as you swim it quickly to entice these beasts.  As soon as we got it done we had lots of interest from BTB enthusiasts, Pike and Musky Fishermen, and fishermen who target the Jack family.  Rabbit on top and bottom, reinforced flash in the middle, and a big grub on the back is what you’ll find on the Cuda Bugg.  The Buggs Shank in the middle gives it the long profile and lots of movement.  The hook is near the middle of the lure because that’s where Cudas attack! 

Care For Your Lures

Just how durable are Buggs? In his latest installment, Captain Thomas Barlow shares a really good fishing story, another reason Fall is his favorite fishing season, and mixes in some care instructions for your Buggs.

Seasonal Fishing

Planning a fishing trip for a specific time of year and want some advice? Well I have you covered, select a time of the year and I will get you going.

Time of The Year

Need Something Specific?

Here at Buggs Fishing we have the ability to create Custom Fishing Lures to your exact specifications. We think of the jig head as a canvas, and can expertly tie custom Buggs for your own special purposes. Imagine having your own “Secret Weapons”.

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