Smashing Them on the Trout Thumper

From a Customer named Brandon: BTW, I was smashing trout on your Trout Thumper the other day. My phone didn’t charge, didn’t take a GoPro, and released all of them so I have no proof but I’ll be trying to take some cool pictures with your lures at the end of the week.

My reply: Really glad you caught fish on the Trout Thumper! What color were you using, how deep were you fishing, and where in the water column were you getting bites?

Brandon’s Reply: I was using the white and grey with the silver thumper tail. I was switching between bouncing it on the bottom and running it closer to the surface. Had better luck fishing it closer to a swimbait. It was one of the only things I could get them to bite on. I usually have more of a game plan but since it was an impromptu trip I wasn’t prepared. The Trout Thumper and a Skitter Walk were the only things working really.

Brandon was using the Gray Ghost Trout Thumper, rigged and ready right out of the package. I designed these baits specifically for Speckled Trout, and they’re very effective! Plus…Redfish – Flounder – Snook – Jacks – Largemouth – Smallmouth – Striped Bass all eat these Buggs! Link below…

Catch you later!

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