What are Buggs?

Buggs are Fishing Lures that you cast with your Baitcast and Spinning Gear.

They’re tied like flies. Meaning they’re all hand tied, using fly tying materials.

But they’re tied on weighted jig heads, or they have lead weights hidden under the materials. That gives them weight, so you fish them with your Baitcast and Spinning Gear.

They’re all tied with Rabbit Strips, because rabbit is super durable, comes in lots of different colors, and absolutely comes alive in the water!

7/30/19 – Beastie Bugg in Blue Crab, tied on a 1/4 oz. Buggs Redfish Jig Head.

They’re designed and tied to imitate something that fish eat. The Beastie Bugg is tied to imitate a crab, and the example above is designed to imitate a Blue Crab. Redfish love Blue Crabs, and this works great when sight casting.

From the beginning, folks have seen or heard of Buggs and thought they were flies. They’re not flies. Not that there’s anything wrong with flies. Seinfeld reference, anyone?

This may be bold, but I’m trying to create a new category of fishing lures. May Buggs be known as fishing lures, tied like flies with rabbit strips and other materials, to catch just about anything that swims. The next time you go, tie on a Bugg.

Catch you later!

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