Production Update

Managing Inventory is an important, challenging, and an inexact science. I say inexact, but you might be thinking, “Just order more of what’s selling!”. That’s a valid point and if you have to boil it down to six words then that would sum it up. Here’s what I’ve ordered, in what order, to serve our customers and grow the Buggs business.

All Buggs are tied in Nicaragua, and several boxes of materials just hit the factory. Here’s what they’ll be working on:

Blue Crab and Black Gold 2nd Generation Curl-Tail Jigs. I kick myself when I’m out of these Buggs. I feel like a grocery store that’s run out of milk, bread, and eggs. Here’s what they look like.

Bonefish season is approaching, so we’re stocking up on the best jigs in the best colors. Bitty Buggs in Natural and Permital Buggs in Natural are first up. These are both crab imitations, and Natural (light tan) is the most effective color.

Next are Beastie Buggs in Night’s Watch and PBT. This will get us closer to a complete re-stock in the original crab imitation. Beastie Buggs are tied on the same jig head as the 2nd Generation Curl-Tail Jigs and the Double Bunny Jigs.

Then Permital Buggs in Blue Crab and Backcountry are next in line. These are downsized versions of Beastie Buggs that are tied on Buggs Bonefish Jig Heads. They’re effective for Bonefish, Permit, and all of the inshore species we fish for from Texas to Florida to the Carolinas.

Last in line are the Loco Buggs in Natural and Hot Head Buggs in Natural. These are the most effective shrimp imitations in the Buggs Bonefish Line-up. But again, they’re used all over the place for just about anything that swims in saltwater.

The reason we need more of all these Buggs is that you guys are buying them. If you want to know exactly when they get restocked, choose to be notified through the online store. I really appreciate your business!

Catch you later!

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