Howdy from Texas, this is Heath Hippel with Buggs Fishing. I’m starting this blog because I want you to know what’s going on with Buggs. Also, I’m the type that would rather show you than tell you. And if I need to tell you, to communicate something, I prefer to write about it. Put simply, I’m more comfortable writing than talking.

This blog, if I’m disciplined about it, will document my thoughts, experiences, news, and future plans of the Buggs Fishing Lure business. And if you don’t mind I’ll also be sharing some thoughts on life and small business. Let’s do this!

8/28/19 – Galveston area Redfish caught on a 2nd Generation Curl-Tail Jig. Photo courtesy of Jared Esley.

As you probably guessed, that’s me. Every once in a while I get to fish. Not as often as I’d like, because I have a lot on my plate. Don’t take that as a complaint. I love my life and am super thankful for everything I have going on. There’s nothing I’d cut out so I could fish more.

Quick word about my latest fishing trip. My friend Clay Sheward took me and Jared Esley fishing last week. These guys are both local fishing guides. Clay guides fly fishermen from his poling skiff. Sometimes he get’s conventional fishermen who want to sight cast. Jared is a kayak fishing guide. He guides conventional fishermen, and sight casting in shallow water is his specialty. I’ve known them both for a while. They’re good dudes, excellent guides, and skilled fishermen.

On our trip we fished shallow water and sight casted redfish all morning and into the early afternoon. We saw lots of “tailing” redfish. Here’s what that looks like.

8/28/19 – Tailing Redfish in the Galveston Marsh. Photo courtesy of Jared Esley.

Tailing is just like it sounds. They’re feeding in shallow water and their tails are sticking up. It’s one of the most beautiful sights on God’s green earth! And if you’re a fisherman, there’s even more excitement because you have a great chance of catching one!

I kept three redfish for dinner. Even though we saw lots of baitfish, the only thing those redfish had in their bellies were really small shrimp. So there’s my tip for you as I finish this post. Look for bait as you’re fishing, and then check their bellies if you keep a few for dinner.

Catch you later!

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